Generaldirektion der Staatlichen Archive Bayerns

With their extensive records on the fiscal plundering of persecuted persons during the Nazi era and on indemnification after 1945, the Staatliche Archive Bayerns (Bavarian State Archives) constitute a central source of information for provenance research. Of particular note are the tax files of racially persecuted persons from tax offices, divestment files from regional tax authorities, post-war asset assessment files as well as indemnification records from the reparations office. In the Forschungsverbund Provenienzforschung (Research Association for Provenance Research), archival indexes that only exist in analogue form to date – especially card indexes – are to be digitalised (so-called retroconversion) and, in part, made accessible in greater depth, to improve possibilities for research.

Karteikarten zum Bestand Wiedergutmachungsbehörde für Oberbayern
©Staatsarchiv München

This is to be carried out on the holdings of the following archives:

Staatsarchiv Augsburg: Wiedergutmachungsbehörde (reparations office) V for Swabia (2881 archival records), Steuerakten rassisch Verfolgter (tax files of racially persecuted persons; 1250 archival records), Finanzmittelstelle Augsburg, Rückerstattungsakten (indemnification records; 863 archival records), Bayerisches Landesamt für Vermögensverwaltung und Wiedergutmachung, Außenstellen (branch offices; 3496 archival records)

Staatsarchiv Bamberg: Steuerakten rassisch Verfolgter (1368 archival records)

Staatsarchiv München: Wiedergutmachungsbehörde I for Upper Bavaria (25705 archival records), Steuerakten rassisch Verfolgter (3181 archival records), Bezirksfinanzdirektion I (7087 archival records)

Staatsarchiv Nürnberg: Wiedergutmachungsbehörde III for Middle and Upper Franconia (32717 archival records)

Staatsarchiv Würzburg: Wiedergutmachungsbehörde IV for Lower Franconia (15221 archival records)

Documents from the Wiedergutmachungsbehörde (reparations office) II for Lower Bavaria and Upper Palatinate in the Staatsarchiv Amberg have already been digitalised.